Top Crypto Audit Companies

4 Best Crypto Auditors 2022

Today, not many people can imagine their life without electronic payment systems. Every month the world presents new variants of payment systems projects. Naturally, such popularity is driven by demand.

The need for smart contract auditing by the best blockchain audit companies is due to the demand for a wide range of services, from the secure storage of information to the structuring of important data. There are several stages of the audit:

  1. The first occurs before the audit. The security team of a company conducting a crypto audit should become familiar with the architecture of your project in detail and understand the options for how it works.
  2. The second is possible after a detailed analysis. Specialists begin to model various threats that can damage the system. A striking example is spoofing (situations where a person or program masquerading as another and allowing you to obtain illegal benefits by falsifying data) and detecting DDoS attacks on a blockchain system.

4 Best Smart Contract Auditing Firms in 2022

Also, a blockchain audit allows you to secure smart contracts from any public access. This makes it possible to protect clients’ assets and avoid potential risks of their loss. Also, crypto-audit allows you to secure smart contracts from any public access. This makes it possible to protect clients’ assets and avoid potential risks of their loss.

In addition, passing this kind of project verification shows your future partners how reliable you are. To 100% secure investments or data, you need to use the services of the best smart contract auditors, which we will tell you about.

1. Hacken

Hacken smart contract auditor provides a full range of cybersecurity services that protect companies, blockchain protocols, smart contract audits, and personal information of users around the world, using, among other things, the support of the white hat hacker community. The company’s ecosystem includes Hacken Consulting, the Hacken Proof and CER platforms, and the Hacken AI startup app.

The Hacken team is ready to provide a full range of smart contract security audits and offer comprehensive support in solving urgent problems in implementing activities.

One of the key areas of auditing cryptocurrencies is testing security vulnerabilities. Moreover, automated and manual testing is used (which is quite an interesting practice in the modern industry). Main protocols:

  • Ethereum,
  • Substrate,
  • Solana,
  • CosmWasm.

Starting with blockchain, Hacken smart contract auditors bring cutting-edge innovation from academia to enterprises, enabling mission-critical security and accuracy applications.

2. Certik

CertiK’s mission is to provide Web3 security with comprehensive services, providing customers with end-to-end solutions for all their security needs. Demand for industry-leading blockchain security remains strong in 2022 after more than $1.3 billion worth of crypto assets were lost to cybercriminals in 2021.

In the first quarter of this year alone, the industry suffered more than $1 billion in cryptocurrency losses due to four major attacks and more than $200 million due to other attacks. CertiK has created the Skynet active monitoring platform to protect blockchains or smart contract codes from cyber attacks and the Security Leaderboard platform for blockchain protocols and decentralized finance.

3. ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys is a leading cybersecurity consulting company. The processes of the enterprise are structured and systematized. IT solutions ensure that the owners and the board are provided with regular and relevant to the specifics of different cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain security audits are consistently being explored and recognized. This trend will continue throughout the world. But still, the issues of accounting and taxation of such assets remain one of the most difficult for specialists in the field of finance.

This approach of ConsenSys improves the efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions and provides better thoughtfulness and transparency of processes.

4. Quantstamp

Quantstamp blockchain security company was founded in June 2017 and immediately took a high position in the market. Quantstamp was the auditor of Binance’s first stablecoin and actively identified key issues with the blocked DeFi protocol SushiSwap. Quantstamp is a dedicated company bringing developers, investors, and users together around transparent and scalable proof-of-audit.

The network acts as critical transparency, allowing automatic smart contract vulnerability checks, blockchain security research, and automatically rewarding verifiers that identify bugs. The project developers have identified several key custom components and innovations that they believe require special attention, such as the use of electronic signatures for external brokers and claims.


The software must be secure and verified so that business operators and users of cryptocurrency exchanges themselves understand that all their transactions and assets are securely protected. Crypto auditing firm is constantly striving to enhance user protection and only grants access to secure projects that undergo a thorough risk assessment in accordance with strict security standards and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Smart contract auditing is the platinum standard in decentralized finance. smart contract audit cost varies depending on the number of threats and serious violations in the code, but often these expenses are always justified and save investments.

The presence of an audit allows the investor to judge the value of the project, so it is very important to look at the big picture. If the project does not spare money for an audit from a well-known company and constantly works on security, it is not possible to invest in it, but it is necessary. True, there are not many blockchain technology projects as we would like.


What is checked during auditing smart contracts?

During security audits inspection and testing, auditors determine how likely it is to hack the system, how it can be done, and what consequences this can lead to.

How many stages are there in an audit?

The audit services include four steps:
– Initial manual and automatic contact analysis
– If a bug is found, it is urgently reported to the developers to fix.
– Developers are fixing the bug
– The auditors check the code again, and if nothing is found, they make a report.

Who are the most popular smart contract audit companies?

The most popular auditors are Hacken, Certik, ConsenSys Diligence and Quantstamp.